Photo Guestbook - $199

It's simple. We'll provide a black album, markers, and glue, then your guests will provide the fun photos taken from our booth and a personal message!  This option is only available if you choose the 2"x6" double prints or the 4"x6" double prints option.  One print will go to your guests and the other will go in the album along with your guests' personal messages.  Our friendly attendants will help guide your guests in filling out the album.


Projector - $100

That's right!  Your entire party can see all of the photos from way across the room.  This will help lure your shy guests off their table and have some fun!  Please keep in mind that this option will only work well if our booth is setup against a light painted wall.  Let us know your venue location so we can come check it out.


Extra Hour - $200

With all the fun and excitement, your party may go over the number of hours from your package choice.  Don't worry!  You can add on as many extra hours as you need to extend the fun!  Just let us know during the event and we'll take care of the rest.  Payment for additional hours can be made before our attendants leave the venue at the end of your party.


4" x 6" Double Prints - $150

If you want the same souvenir photos your guests took home,  we can reprint them for you so you can put them in your own album!  This option is also available if you choose to have a Photo Guestbook.  Please allow 2-3 business days for reprints.


Acrylic Photo Frames (available in 2"x6" or 4"x6" Horizontal and Vertical) - $75 per hour

Give your guests a way to display their souvenir with these photo frames!  We just need to know 30 days in advance if you want this option.


"Thank you" Photo Session - FREE!!!

Why not thank your guests with a photo from you?!  We will find and grab you during the event so you can go through the Babbi Booth and take some photos for your "Thank You" cards.  We will provide you with a simple sign that says "Thank You!"  This photo will be available online in our gallery for you and your guests to download and print.... FREE!


"Thank you" Photo Session Prints (50 - 4" x 6" reprints or 100 - 2" x 6" reprints) - $50

We can reprint your "Thank You" Photo Session so you can stuff them in your Thank You envelopes!