We have taken the old enclosed photo booth design and have condensed it into our very own digital photo booth known as the Babbi Booth! No more cramming into a tight enclosed space.Our open photo booth design allows for big group of guests to take a series of photos and show more than just their faces.


We’re using a Canon DSLR digital camera to provide high quality images, equipped with a professional studio monolight flash. Guests have full control of the photo session. They first choose if they want a Colored or Black and White photo print from our 17” touch screen.A live view of your guests is then shown on the screen so they can strike a pose with our fun props! A series of shots are then taken within 5 seconds of each other. Finally, their photo prints in approximately 15 seconds from our newest dye sublimation printer. The printed photos come out dry and free to touch.They are rated to last for 100 years and are water proof!  Throughout the event, a 17" LCD display monitor shows a slideshow of all the pictures of your guests.


If you’ve seen our gallery, then you’ve probably noticed the big glowing ball on top of the Babbi Booth. That’s our signature design which separates us from other photo booths. Remember the old-timey cameras with the flashbulbs? We’ve simulated that effect for our flash and have added a color changing LED bulb to match the color or the lighting of your event.


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